• Trends that will shape your property market in 2021

Trends that will shape your property market in 2021

Accelerating the rate at which the Indian real estate market has evolved in recent years, specific complicated and convergent patterns are expected to emerge in 2021. However, due to several reforms, this industry has witnessed substantial changes in its tax structure, legislative structure, and economic setting. Large corporations are now looking at this sector with increasing interest as a lucrative investment opportunity, thanks to the newfound openness.

Can these considerations only assure the survival of the fittest in the real estate industry, or will new developing prospects benefit small businesses as well? Here are some of the most anticipated developments that could influence the real estate market in 2021 amidst all the predictions and concerns pushing the industry for years.

1.Demand for commercial space is always high- The net workplace uptake rate increased by 20% in 2019 due to development in financial and technological advancement and increased GDP growth, and this trend is likely to continue in 2021. With laws and procedures formulated in support of small and medium-sized firms and the ongoing effort to foster newcomers, the demand for office properties is anticipated to expand even more, keeping the market afloat.

2.Urban Outskirts Expansion-Because a large number of enterprises and other people are migrating to the town's outskirts, the real estate market in Lucknow will undoubtedly face a suburban shift.

3.With a rise in warehousing interest- Besides the continual increase in office and retail space prices, many entrepreneurs are turning their attention to the warehouse industry, all credits to GST initiatives and online shopping habits. Small, disjointed business networks are now being merged with larger companies to build businesses hubs.

4.The Fight for Facilities-In trying to entice urban tenants, cutting-edge apartment buildings now give. These additional amenities such as movie theatres, dog parks, public gardens, and other such perks. So it appears that gyms and swimming pools aren't planning to reduce it any longer, and real estate in Lucknow will undoubtedly join this competition for facilities in 2021.